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Design mobile component systems, not pages.

Apps are critical for digital transformation, with Mobile and Web taking a center stage in customer reach.

Design mobile component systems, not pages.

Design mobile component systems, not pages.

Businesses are changing rapidly, and there are hurdles everyday / week that needs to be addressed. Most managers or ground-level staff are saying they can’t build applications fast enough and by the time they would have built it, the specs would have changed.

Why use ItsyUI?

When building new applications, you are likely to ask the below questions,

  • What are the building blocks of the application?
  • Which parts of the application will interact with the API and which will be only UI?
  • How can we design the theme of the application to reflect branding of my app?

Typical app development takes 6 to 9 months and upwards as the complexity increases. Businesses are looking forward to release apps much faster and also make enhancements faster, time-to-market becomes very crucial parameter for success in the market, especially when dealing with customers and stakeholders.

ItsyUI is an enterprise UI framework that provides you to build from a wide variety of web or mobile applications, using familiar web tools, languages (initially targeting ReactJS).

Mobile apps

Digital Transformation

Businesses are looking to implement digital transformation by,

  • Modernizing legacy applications
  • Migrate to cloud and build apps to access it
  • Mobile apps for role specific user

Faster Development Cycle

Keeping the customer loop very short helps businesses to grow faster and sell their products. Dev teams are usually cramped with support, feature work and bug fixes.

Faster development

As requirements changes and grows, the speed to innovate is hampered with bugs and existing features to complete. With developer shortage or talent pool shortage, this is a very crucial issue to address for any organization.