Environment Setup

ItsyUI provide React components for Web, PWA, Native modes and expose a React-like API to interact with them.

Install React Package

React bindings are distributed in itsyui package. You can download it via NPM:

npm install @itsy-ui/core --save

Use React CRA with zero config setup

ItsyUI fully supports React CRA configuration to consume any library, this makes it easy for anyone to get started. Follow the below steps,

  • Create a sample app using create-react-app CLI

    npx create-react-app myApp --template itsyui

It uses itsyui CRA template to create the app with all dependencies installed.

  • Run the below commands,

    cd myApp
    npm install
    npm run start

yarn can be used instead of npm CLI.

Thats it, continue the docummentation to learn more about customizing ItsyUI for your application requirements.