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We work hard to make application development possible for everyone and we mean it. We are a group of platform developers and UX designers working constantly on one focus and that to make the application development easy.

Community Edition

Get started with all UI widgets.

  • Updates 6 months release cycle of new features and updates.
  • UI & Auth Widgets 25+ UI Components


We offer a fully supported, premier version of the ItsyUI ecosystem with Advisory support, Designer tooling, Custom development, Performance optimization and other development challenges for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how you are planning to use ItsyUI, below points for consideration:

  • Community Edition: This is ideal if you’re looking to have all the technical features, and use it in any kind of application. There is no support included, and you are free to use forever on the current version.
  • Enterprise: Perfect if you want the full tech suite plus services to get you set up and using our product most effectively, including a dedicated customer support manager, and faster support services.

Enterprise: You retain the license to build for the year that you have bought and can build applications on top of it. Please check the EULA license for more details.

Yes, invoicing is available for organizations on all the plans.

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